Real Estate Technology Simplified

Have you been feeling overwhelmed by all of the programs, websites, devices and web services available in our industry today?

I am constantly looking for ways to make things easier to understand for sales associates. I’ve been working on simplifying the whole concept of Real Estate Technology. This hasn’t been an easy task but I’ve come up with a list of all of the main programs, websites and devices that have been confusing and overwhelming everyone for the past few years. I created the list and then worked on organizing it in a way that would help to put everything that’s out there today into perspective.


The list is ordered from Beginner to Advanced to help you to create a realistic road map for learning and it is intended to be followed step by step.

Start at the begining and move your way down the list asking yourself, honestly, what level of understanding you have of each item.

If your level of understanding isn’t high then you need additional training on that particular item. If you don’t have a proper grasp on the beginner items than you shouldn’t even be thinking about the advanced items yet.

I am going to be posting an individual blog post on each of the items on the list through out the upcoming weeks. I’ll break down each topic and cover what it is, why it’s important, what you should know about it and where you can access additional training on it.

Review each topic as I post them even if it’s a program that you know well. There may be features or a more efficient or effective way to use it that you’re not aware of.

If there are items on the list that you’re not interested in you may simply skip them. This list was created to help you, not to force you to take part in something that you’re not interested in.

The title of this new series is Real Estate Technology Simplified and I’ve added a category to the Categories List on the right side bar so that you can easily access all of the posts in the series once they’ve been completed.

I would also like to encourage all of you to post questions and comments to the individual blog posts or send them to me directly. Let me know what you struggle with or anything that you’d like additional information on. If you’re having a difficult time with a particular system, chances are you’re not alone.

–Originally posted by Scott Gaffan on July 17, 2012

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